We are Quality Without A Name, an initiative of pragmatic practitioners. We train and mentor teams, coach individuals and carry out bespoke development projects. We specialize in agile and lean software development.

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Our Services

Consultancy and Mentoring

We take a holistic, systemic approach to grow your development organization. An effective software development organization needs to attend to technical skills, agile processes, team organization, and personal growth.

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We deliver courses on (agile) software development. Small groups, intensive courses, hands on, VERY interactive ... & fun!

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Have we mentioned that we're software developers? We are. And we're passionate about the quality of our work. We believe that for sustainable development, we need state-of-the-art practices like test driven development, continuous integration and relentless refactoring.

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Our Blog

What is a heuristic?

A heuristic is anything that provides a plausible aid or direction in the solution of a problem but is in the final analysis unjustified, incapable of justification, and potentially fallible.

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Glanceable tests

As we spend more time reading code than writing it, we’d like our code to be glanceable. By glancing at the code, we want to quickly understand its intent. Glanceability is a useful property, for production code as well as test code. Test code is there to help us out, so being able to quickly grasp what the test is about will help future us, and others, keep our tests habitable.

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TDD Heuristics: Given-When-Then or Arrange-Act-Assert

How do I structure my tests, so that they are understable and focused on the behaviour of the system under test? Given-When-Then and Arrange-Act-Assert are two similar ways of structuring your test cases to make them easier to understand at a glance. This test structure also helps to keep your test focused on a single concern.

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TDD Heuristics: One Assert Per Test

We do not like long test scenarios with loads of different asserts. A test case that has many expectations is difficult to understand when it fails. We then have to dig inside the test’s implementation to see what exactly went wrong where. Before we know it, we fall in to a lengthy debugging session.

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Our Team

Marc Evers
Marc Evers
consulting developer
Willem van den Ende
Willem van den Ende
developing consultant
Rob Westgeest
Rob Westgeest
developing developers


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